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Advertised Laptop Availability

I purchased an Inspiron 15 Notebook on January 4.  It was advertised as a "fast track" item, so I added 2nd business day shipping.  This was a Friday and I received confirmation that the Laptop would be delivered on the follwoing Tuesday Janaury 8. 

Since that time, I have been through "customer support hell" as the laptop shipment/delivery has been "delayed" twice, with a current estimated ship date of February 4, 2013, a full month from the order date!

Despite multiple case numbers, calls to support for help have been fruitless, as have been the chat sessions.  None of the promises have been met.  I have not received one single "promised" call back from the "account specialist" supposedly assiged, nor from the "customer service rep's manager" who was unavailable to speak by phone at that time. 

It's really the worst possible service to be completely ignored, to have no one to help and no one to call you back EVER.

This laptop was ordered for a college student (whose laptop died) and he is now computerless for a month. 

Since I can't even get a call back, I thought perhaps public embarrassment might prompt someone to listen.  Bad, bad, bad.


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