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Affects of extreme cold on Laptop

We had our Dell Inspiron 1150 in the car for several hours, often exposed to the severe cold. The computer will seem to start, and the first green light will go on. However, nothing appears on the monitor and after a minute, or so, the fan turns off. The single green light remains on, but the computer appears dead. Any idea what has happened, and what will need to be done to repair it? Thank you.

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Re: Affects of extreme cold on Laptop

Start with the simple - verify that the AC  adapter LED is ON.  If it's not, replace the adapter with a new (Dell) one.

Nothing?  Reseat (remove and reinstall) the memory module(s).

Nothing yet?  Try without the battery.  If it'll power up, you need a new battery.

Still nothing?  You likely have a bad mainboard - if so, start shopping for a new notebook;  the cost of the replacemenet ($400-500) coupled with the budget nature and age of the system make that an uneconomic repair.


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