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Alienware 13 Won't Power On

Hi i bought a alienware 13 through dells financing and have had it for probably a month now and week of having it i had a no power issue and i sent into the repair depot and i got it back fixed but not even 24 hours after using i got the same problem i sent it in for.I phone dell and talked with a alienware live agent and wanted to cancel the financing which he told me was fine and that he would be sending me a shipping lable to send it back i still have not received any emails or shipping lables telling me what the next step is or whats even going on. I refuse to pay for something that won't work.

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RE: Alienware 13 Won't Power On

The point at which you can return a system for replacement ends 21 days after the system ships.

You will need to have the system repaired -- if another repair attempt fails, ask for a replacement system.

However, if you stop payments on the system, all that will happen is that you'll damage your FICO score.

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