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Alienware 17 GPU Fan Not Working ePSA Error 2000-0511

I recently discovered my GPU fan stopped working and does not spin at all. When I look in MSI afterburner or HWiNFO it says the fan is at 100% but it is not moving at all. I tried flashing latest BIOS and am now on version A14 but still no go.

I then ordered a brand new fan and replaced the old fan and yet it is still now working. I ran ePSA diagnostics with the new fan and am getting the following error.

Error Code 2000-0511

Validation 130354

Msg: Fan - The [Unknown Fan] fan failed to respond correctly.

I have tried reflashing the BIOs to A14 after installing the new fan and it still does not work.

Please let me know what the next troubleshooting steps are.

Thank you!

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