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Alienware 17 HDMI port overheating

So I just got my Alienware 17 laptop back today from Dell after having the motherboard replaced. Everything runs fine now except there is an issue with the HDMI port. Normally I am able to play games with the settings maxed out and still have a second monitor setup at the same time. However, today when I tried playing Fallout 4 with a second monitor the feed on the second screen cut out after about a minute saying there was no signal. After unplugging the HDMI cable from the laptop I felt a large amount of heat coming from the port. Plugging the cable back in does not bring the picture back until it has a few minutes to cool down. When it finally cooled down I opened up HWINFO to watch my GPU temp. After several attempts it appears that the feed to the second monitor through the HDMI cable cuts out whenever the GPU hits 60 degrees, which is pretty much whenever I start playing a game. Not only that but even when the second monitor is disconnected and I'm playing the port heats up to the point where it actually burns to touch. I've had this laptop for a little over a year and only started having this problem AFTER it was returned from having the motherboard replaced. Any idea what could be causing this? For reference my GPU is a Nvidia GTX 880M.

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