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Alienware 17 R3 Fans always on temps 80-90+

Just got my laptop 2 days ago and the first day it seemed to work just fine, though the fans would turn on once in awhile and are very loud.  But now they seem to be on more often than not while just doing simple things like typing this message in a web browser.  Even now temps are 62C, then jumping to 74C and up to 94C when I open a new tab and close it using ctl+t, ctl+w.

I am using Intel XTU (Extreme Tuning Utility) to monitor it and see that Thermal Throttling is happening fairly often and my CPU Utilization is staying pretty low generally below 10%, sometimes peaking to 25% like when I open/close a new tab.  Just repeatedly opening/closing a new tab 5-10 times got all cores peaking above 90C which kicks the fans into overdrive.

A review I saw on youtube showed the fans are silent while idle and the reviewer claims the fans rarely turn on unless you go into the BIOS and enable fan performance mode.  Is there something wrong with this unit causing the temp to be so high?

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