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Alienware 17 R3 windows 10 netflix issue.

Issue affecting netflix with the windows 10 app, Internet Explorer and microsoft edge which are the only ways to get 1080p on netflix i have audio but no video on external dell display but i can see the video controls such as pause play stop. If i disable the intel gpu in the device manager i get video but then i have to re-enable the laptop display after every reboot. The problem is caused by nvidia optimus and there there really should be a bios option to disable it not just for windows but for linux as well atleast for those of us who are not concerned with battery life. I am always plugged in even when i am at a friends place as it's the only way to game. So far microsoft support forums and chat have been completely useless. If i drag the netflix window over to the laptop screen the video comes back. Searching google i see lots of other users with the same issue but no solutions so i don't expect much luck here. I will most likely have to cancel my netflix subscription until i can get a macbook pro.

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