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Alienware 18 lags and no support

Hello there,

So in September I have purchased new Alienware 18 with these stats:

2xGeForce GRX 770m

i7-4930MX (Which was promised to be overclocked to 4.3, but still giving max of 3GHz)

32GB ram

and the best memory function that was offered.

So as Ive got system I had some problems, which was fixed, but now they came back and now they are not fixable any more. Sometimes my internet randomly disconnects, sometimes my computer freezes on youtube videos and needs restart, not loading all pages in social networks and sometimes responses really slow.

So I have 3 year of both service and accidental damage, but when I try to use online alienware support chat it says I don't have that function. So I can not contact support, as I can not use phone now. 

I wonder If I can replace my computer, because it is probably damaged, as it is working so bad...

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RE: Alienware 18 lags and no support

Also it is overheating

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