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Alienware M15X Optical Drive Issue! PLDS DVD+-RW DC-8A2SH


I tend not to use DVD/CD's much these day's and so haven't really noticed this issue before (I thought the old disc I used was simply corrupt).

When I put any disc into my drive, it makes a whirring sound, a couple of 'grr'ings' and then ejects my disc. This happens with all discs CD's and DVD's. 

It's  a major issue as I need to burn a new Windows 8 Bootable disc for my Computer (an issue with the original HDD has developed and I want to move to my new HDD).

I've searched the various forums and such but I've found no solutions to this issue.

The drive is PLDS DVD+-RW DC-8A2SH in my devices panel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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