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Alienware M15x Alienfx issue.


I'm not sure if is a problem or what, but the alienhead behind the screen (the big silver one) keeps blinking constantly when is in it default state (like when the windows 7 desktop is up) even when its charging and the color changes from green to red( in my configuration) it keeps blinking constantly (it looks like the power button eyes the way it behaves,  but constantly , like if it was reading something all the time, but is not, just to you guys imagine more or less whats happening). But when i open others softwares, i used the alienfx Editor so it changes the light style for some diferent color and the blinking stops (stay with the normal solid light), so when i minimize and go back to the default state starts blinking all again. It's that normal? I have the M15x for 6 months now and i really don't remember the alienhead blinking. Could it be a hardware of software issue or some virus? How can i solve it if the problem is real?


PS: When i say blinking, the light is not 100% and go to 0% than back to 100%, it kind of dim very slightly constantly and its kind of just around the eyes, not the hole thing.



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