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Alienware M17xR4 Graphic card problems and compatibility

Hello all,

I have bought my laptop in UK about a year and a half ago. Standard set-up: i7 3720QM (3.6GHz w/ Turbo boost; 12288MB, 1600MHz dual channel DDR3; 750GB 7200prm SATA 6Gb/s HDD; 240W AC, 2GB GDDR Nvidia GEForce GTX 675M.  Used it mostly to play World of Warcraft and i'm an occassional player too.

Shortly after the warranty expired, I started having sound problems, the sound icon would randomly show up as crossed over, and no sound was available. It would fix itself as I turn the computer off for a while. Some time after that, my video card gave out. I am able to log on and see the desktop but as soon as I try to load a webpage or video game, I get a blue screen with display driver error message.

Having paid over 2000$ for this toy, I am not a happy customer. I've also moved to Canada since. Called Dell support here and they are completely unable to help me unless I transfer ownership to Canada from UK. I have looked everywhere on Dell UK website for an email address hoping to sort that out without having to call them. The time difference makes that impossible. These people are harder to get to than the President. Website support and access to an actual person is non-existent. I'm wondering if other people are having the same video card issue and if anyone has a contact email address for them.

I tried researching the web for other cards compatible with my laptop as I would like to upgrade and fix this issue as soon as possible. If anyone has a list of newer graphics cards verified to be compatible with my laptop, please post them. I greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

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