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Alienware m17x R4 fan speed issue

Hello. Just recently my Alienware m17x R4 has started randomly kicking on the fan speed to full blast. I downloaded speedfan to see if things were getting too hot, but everything is under 45, sometimes up to 50-55 when I'm multitasking. I cannot distinguish a single point or reason in which the fan turns on. A week or so ago it started doing this, and it would turn on full blast, then stop after a bit. Sometimes, I had to reboot the machine to get it to turn off. Up until today, it's only done this every once in a while. Today, however, the fans kick on full blast within minutes of me booting up my machine, and do not turn off. I try to reboot, same thing happens. I tried updating my BIOS but no dice. Please help! Let me know if you need anymore info. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

EDIT: Just remembered some other things that might be important. I do have a laptop cooler that my laptop always sits on, and even if the fan in the laptop cooler is going full blast, the fans in my computer remain full speed.

Something interesting that also happens, is when the fans are about to kick in full speed, my computer will freeze for a moment, and I usually have music playing, so when this happens, the music suddenly stutters and makes a loud buzzing sound. This is only for a second or so, but it has been known to happen a couple or so times in a row, then the fan proceeds to kick on.

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