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Alienware m17x won't shut off or star up properly.

Now, I've been having some troubles with my Alienware m17x lately. It started out with me updating it to windows 7 64 bit. I downloaded all the necessary drivers but the trouble seemed to appear when I downloaded and installed the 64bit BIOS which included the nvidia GTX 260m driver. It worked out fine for a couple of days but then suddenly when I shut it off the alienware start button keeps on glowing while it's plugged in. Also when ever I start it while it's plugged in everything freezes when the windows logo is about to appear and says "starting". Now it did start properly when I had the computer unplugged and could then plug it in again after it was started. Yet every time the computer froze at the same spot.

The other weird thing is that after this freeze thing has happend a couple of times, my GTX 260m drivers suddenly disappear. This happened twice now, which just a couple of days after installing the BIOS. Which I then ofcourse did twice.

I'm not the very best when it comes to computers so it would be awesome with some help. Sadly I cannot send it in to tell for reperation of some sort since I won this computer in a movie contest and did not recieve any proof of buying it.

Note: I also had a few other minor problems with it but figured the post would be too long if I explained them all.

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