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(Almost) bricked XPS 13 [9343] after failed Windows 10 reset, how to fix?

I was going to sell my Dell XPS 9343 and followed Windows 10 system reset instruction. Unfortunately, system reset failed and, after reboot, it said something about clearing TPM and hitting F12 to clear it. After I hit F12, none of the boot procedures works: hitting F2 while Dell logo is shown doesn't open UEFI BIOS and F12 doesn't show the boot menu.
Since my laptop was built before December 2015, the BIOS Recovery 2 procedure,, doesn't work.

The current state: on powering the laptop, Windows doesn't boot and BIOS is inaccessible. The screen is black, but the touchpad and BT mouse move the white cursor. If I connect an external monitor, the cursor can be moved between the screen and monitor.

Can BIOS of this laptop be restored? I can then format its SSD and install Windows 10 from Microsoft MSDN ISO myself (I've done this many times).

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RE: (Almost) bricked XPS 13 [9343] after failed Windows 10 reset, how to fix?


You will need to contact Dell phone support to have them troubleshoot with you on the phone to resolve the issue with your computer.

The number to call is 1-800-624-9897

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