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Alps touchpad problem e5500



About two weeks ago I purchased a Latitude e5500. Since then I have been having constant problem with the Touch pad, especially the scroll function. I have tried different drivers (including some Toshiba Alps drivers) and I’am now running the Dell version (A09).

The problem is that the scroll function often loses scroll function and sometimes the whole pad just freezes. There also seems to be a problem when starting Windows, the cursor just freezes during the startup squeeze, e.g after sign in.

Often I have to press the left mouse button once to get it working again. It has gotten so bad that I started getting an infection in my hand, since that I need to be so careful to use the Touch pad. The strange thing is that it can work ok for 5-15 minutes then just starts getting unresponsive, almost that are some kind of collision with another resource.

I have never experienced such a bad Touch pad, during the 50+ laptops I rolled out at work.

I have tried almost every combination of the Touch pad utility. Increase both mouse sensitivity and scroll zones helps a little but it does not fix the problem. I have tried different On/Off settings to no help.

There is some other people reporting problems with the Alps touch pad on the forum, for some a different driver seems to help some.

I’am at loss.

Edit: I'am running dual boot with WinXp Pro Sp3 and Vista x64 Ultimate,

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