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Another 7 Beep issue Inspiron 17R 5737

OK I've seen a few references to this problem but the posts are several years old on earlier models.  On startup I get power indicator, black screen, DVD drive drawer pops out then 7 beeps -- 1 loud and 6 lower, repeating.  If I hold down the power key for a few seconds the screen turns very bright white and after about 15 seconds I get the Windows 7 login screen.  It seems to work well after that but same sequence after subsequent startups.  Tried the blanket fix and updating BIOS as well as some Dell-run optimization with no success.  Thanks for any input.

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RE: Another 7 Beep issue Inspiron 17R 5737

One beep is a mainboard failure - six means a GPU failure.  Both together mean you will need to replace the system board.

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