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Any Widescreen Monitor

I have an Inspiron 5100 laptop in which I am using an external flat screen monitor.  The monitor is a Gateway TFT LCD color monitor.  I've noticed that the monitor is too bright compared to using the laptop's monitor.  (I can't use the laptop's monitor because it does not connect or show any images/graphics). 

The monitor that I am currently using is approximately 4 years old (or more).

My question is - is the brightness due to the type of monitor or my graphics card (RADEON 7500) not being compatible with the monitor?  Are the colors and settings different on any Widescreen monitor? 

I would like to buy a Dell Widescreen monitor to have a better picture with my laptop.

Thank you

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Re: Any Widescreen Monitor

Use the dimmer control on the external screen.  Note that if you attach a widescreen, you will probably have black bars on either side of the display, because the 5100 is not a widescreen notebook and pre-dates wide screen displays.


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