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Anything I can personally do to fix CPU / GPU temps (Certified Computer Tech) without voiding warranty?


Model: Inspiron 17R 7

CPU: intel i5 4500u


So I have an Dell Inspiron 17 7737 ( full metal ) and I've been gaming on it a little more than I should be lately (Visiting friends in foreign cities , which also like to game ) and recently it's been getting noticeably hotter than a couple months ago both in normal use and under load ( also CPU fan kicks in at higher speeds which indicate that the CPU/GPU is running hot ) , so I wanted to know if I could get to the CPU / GPU and put Arctic MX-4 Cooling Past on it rather than the stock Dell stuff which I would imagine wouldn't be as nice as MX-4; without voiding warranty? Otherwise, should I just take it into Best Buy ( where I purchased it ) and get them to deal with it? 

The laptop seems to sit around 60 degrees in room temp when just browsing the internet ( and writing this post) , which is only 40 less than the TJMax at 100, which I'd imagine with the combination of the GPU being in use while gaming, the 2 would probably be sitting very close to their TJMax operating temps! ( I haven't had the Laptop overheat on me yet )
I believe I read somewhere that someone was told by Dell that he could do that himself without voiding anything, but if that was true or not, is up to the internet 😛

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