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Audi not working...and Dell currently scamming customers with poor hardware..

I purchased Dell 15R laptop last October with Windows 8 preinstalled.After that I updated to Windows 8.1.As soon as the update was finished my PC started having glitches and hanging.This went on for one month after which it was completly shutdown.Then I was given a hardisk replacement since it had failed..

Couple of months back my mouse cursor started moving on its own..Then I was told that this is a keyboard problem and my keyboard was replaced..Now my sound is not working..I have to restart my pc everytime I turn it On.

I have wasted a good 2 hours with your executives regarding this issue ,and also your windows update KB...... update something something solution which worked for the moment but still hasn't solved my problem.

Now you tell me .I have bought your laptop for a good 47000 INR ..the hardisk fails in 4 months ,keyboard in next 2 ,and now i guess speakers too...My friends suggested me this laptop.And it has turned to be the worst decision of my life..How the hell did your company go from Heaven to all ***...I had previously used Lenovo and HP and they turned out to be all fine...and then i made the worst decision of switching to DELL..I asked for a replacement and your executive tells me that hardisk failing is a common issue...may be for you but not for us..when we waste our hard earned money on something and are totally robbed..NEVER AGAIN DELL...and I am forwarding this to all my friends,so that you don't scam any more customers.

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