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Audio gone on laptop.

I posted the following earlier but Fireberd (his spelling) informed me I had wandered into the DESKTOP forum.  So, I'll post it again, trying to get it to the right community.

   Not long after purchasing my Inspiron 1721 I received notice that there was a Vista update I needed to install.  The update, Service Pack 1, would not install, though I tried again and again.  When Windows 7 became available I decided to upgrade.  I learned I could not upgrade to W7 without SP1 installed.  After a month-long correspondence with a patient service tech at Microsoft, we were finally able to install SP1.  W7 installed with no problem after that.  However, somewhere in the process I lost audio.  When I place the cursor on the speaker icon it says "No Audio Output Device is installed."  I took this problem to the Microsoft tech and she (I am assuming gender from the name) said I needed to go either to the W7 specialist at Microsoft or to the manufacturer of my computer--Dell.  I have decided to do both.
   So, here I am.  I have, by the way, gone to "Device Manager," uninstalled drivers, and then looked for undated drivers.  I was told that my drivers are up-to-date.  To further taunt me, the computer has occasionally reported the sound device is working properly, while still saying no audio output device is installed.  I have plugged in headphones and still heard nothing.
   Suggestions short of buying a new laptop would be appreciated. 

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Re: Audio gone on laptop.

Hi, I've been experiencing a similar problem with my Inspiron 1420 since its first automatic update by Windows Updater. The sound issues are with all the sound output devices. Same notifications as you are experiencing. I did a diagnostic test from the boot screen (F12) and devices played good stereo sound yet when I attempt tests once Windows has fully booted I get no sound whatsoever. Some video playback is allowed with no sound but most video does  not play whatsoever. I am allowed to play some video games but without sound.

On another note, my Trend Micro anti virus software has never worked since I bought my laptop and I cannot remove it no matter what I try short of reformatting the hard drive (don't want to go there since Dell did not provide copies of all downloaded software).

It always shows as "loading" but cannot be turned on or altered, reconfigured due to its "loading" state.

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Re: Audio gone on laptop.


... gone to "Device Manager," uninstalled drivers, and then looked for undated drivers.  I was told that my drivers are up-to-date.


What audio chip - specifically, is in your Inspiron 1721?  Does it use Sigmatel/STAC HD audio codecs/drivers?

Did you reboot the laptop after uninstalling the drivers, and Windows 7 subsequently recognised it as new hardware, and installed default drivers for it?

Can you also confirm that it is being recognised/shown in Device Manager (under Sound, Video and Game Controllers), and that drivers are installed for it (no yellow exclamation mark)?


Is it a 32bit version of Windows 7 you're using, or a 64bit version?

Assuming 32bit... and even though drivers appear to be installed... have you tried installing the Vista 32bit <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>audio drivers from the Dell website?

Last resort suggestions I know, but with no Windows 7 specific drivers available for the laptop, I can't think what else to try?

Other than trying various Sigmatel STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio drivers from elsewhere of course?

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