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Audio jack - hardware problem?

My new (outlet) xps 9550 has this strange issue when I have plugged an external speaker into the laptop.  When the laptop is off there is still a signal coming through.  For example with my old laptop I would commonly keep the speaker plugged in then after say 30 minutes of no audio the speaker would ( by default) switch itself off.  This isn't happening on the xps - it's as if the jack has not been properly terminated or insulated, there is clearly "noise" coming through even with laptop switched off.

I'll be honest and say I'm unfortunately very close to asking for a full refund as it's only one week old. ( the other issues that I've picked up on are a very annoying electrical buzz ( what I now understand as coil while) when scrolling web pages.  A power brick that makes a high pitched hiss.  And audio popping/ volume spikes.  Not sure of I was sold a lemon ?  

If the audio jack issue described at the top is a hardware issue I think that will be the final straw... Any feedback welcome

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