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Audio over HDMI while using XPS-17 display


I have the following setup:

DELL XPS 17 <-> HDMI <-> receiver <-> HDMI <-> projector

I want to output audio via HDMI to the receiver while using the display of the notebook.

In this setting I have the problem, that in the audiosettings the 'NVIDIA High Definition Audio' device is listed as not connected and I can only use the builtin notebook speakers.

When I change the display from the notebook to the projector, the 'NVIDIA High Definition Audio' device is listed as available and it works.

I verified that peripheral devices & HDMI-cables are working. Installing the newest NVIDIA audio-drivers did not help either.

With my previous notebook I have no problems sending audio to the receiver while using the notebook display, so it seems to be a software problem.

Any Ideas how to solve this problem?


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Re: Audio over HDMI while using XPS-17 display

I seem to have the opposite problem of you.

My setup: DELL XPS 15 <-> HDMU <-> Yamaha Receiver <-> HDMI <-> Epson Projector

When I have the Laptop and Receiver on and connected via HDMI I get audio just fine although the screen on the Laptop does go blank I think, Ill have to check next time I setup to watch a movie. Anyways once I turn on the projector the audio immediately switches to the build-in laptop speakers and I am forced to run an RCA to 1/8" audio jack from a separate input on the receiver to one of the headphone ports(thank god my receiver has the ability to display a video signal while playing audio from a different input). I've tinkered with it quite a bit and just cant figure out why the Laptop doesn't seem to detect that I want to output audio through the HDMI while connected to the projector. It's not a faulty port on the laptop either because if I connect the laptop to directly to a TV via HDMI i get sound and video like a champ.

I'm at a loss if this is just some setting I need to tweak or if its just some inherent incompatibility between the receiver and the laptop when an external display is connected to it.

anyways if anyone has an light to shed on the situation I would be grateful.



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