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B130 Wireless Issues

All of a sudden I'm having connection problems with my b130 using Dell wireless 1370 wlan mini-pci c. There are no exclamation marks on the network adapter in device manager.

In fact, all indications are I'm connected to the wireless network with a "excellent" signal. I trouble shot with the cable company by running services.msc and wireless zero configuration. Still not connectting, although here are the series of events when I open up the browser, IE, Firefox or Chrome, but mostly I use Firefox.

Firefox will connect for about 2 pages and then gives me a notice that "Firefox is currently off line and cannot browse the web", from then on I get "server cannot be found".

When I choose a wireless network, It says I'm connected but same sequence as described above occurs. Any ideas? BTW, an ethernet cable plugged in works fine. The router is a Linksys wrt310n, wireless n. I've used this router before, successfully. 

Any suggestions would be great and thanks for the help.

Additionally, I ran the dell diagnostics and everything checks out ok, all tests passed. I reseated the pci card and the antenna. I tried to run the wireless through another router, same model different router, same bad result, except when I don't connect wirelessly, then my wired connection won't work till re-boot. I'm not a newbie, and this has me confused.

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