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BIOS 1545 downgrade error

Hi all, I need to do a BIOS dowgrade my Dell 1545 A14 to A13 version, I searched information about how to do it but I get an error at the time of the downgrade, what I did was:

1) Create a bootable usb boot

2) Set the BIOS file to downgrade, here is 1545A13.exe

3) Restart the computer and press f12

4) Choose boot from USB

5) Run the file 1545A13.exe using / forceit or / forcetype.

The file runs but get an error that says "ERROR. BIOS update canceled by the user"

This is a picture of the mistake so well understood.


The Computrace is enabled and does not allow me to disable it in the BIOS, do not know if this will have anything to do, but attached a picture.


The error comes automatically because I did not press any keys. I would like to know what is this and how do I do to downgrade my BIOS since I'm doing everything correctly and I need to go back to one or more earlier. regards
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Re: BIOS 1545 downgrade error



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RE: BIOS 1545 downgrade error


have the same problem with my 1545

have bios ver 14 ans want to  downgade it BECAUSE OF that that my cooler seems to sleep almoust all time

tmp gets to 90-95, and without external flows its hard to ceep it work

ANY sloution wont help me to sowngrade bios ver,

Tryed this

tryed like TS wrote here...  and with usbflash with DOS, ans by flashing with keys /forceit or /forcetype

(there is a small problem with my battery - it died ))) and in windows promt i cant do 2 keys at one time

People - HELP please! my old 1545inspiron will burn

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