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BIOS BUG REPORT: XPS 15 9550, CPU Speed capped after switching from battery to AC power

I noticed a very similar bug for a Dell Latitude posted on this forum and am shocked that Dell has not fixed these bios bugs.

I have a brand new XPS 15 9550 and I noticed that when you connect AC power after being on battery power, the CPU frequency gets capped at 1.69 GHz as opposed to the usual 3.5 GHz. The only way to fix this is to then reboot or sleep/resume the system. What is the best way to report this BIOS bug to Dell? There has to be some way to get Dell to fix the issue in a BIOS update.

I have found several other users also complaining of this same issue:

I really hope Dell fixes this issue since it is unacceptable for Dell to sell such an expensive and premium machine with a glaring firmware bug that turns your i7 performance into a Pentium level of performance.


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DELL >>> Any updates on a fix for this ?

i need to decide on keeping this laptop or returning it.. If there is no commitment from Dell on a fix for this, i would not like to be stuck with a laptop which works at half the speed once on battery power.

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So today I decided to sadly forget about the xps15.  When you search "dell 9550 issues" in google the amount of problems are incredible.  Ssd failures, cpu problems, screen flickering, audio issues, gpu failures, mic/headphone jack problems, battery problems, thunderbolt connection problems, external monitor connection problems.  The list goes on and on.  I also had some of these issues along with a problem with my monitor not staying closed on one side when I carried it.  Had a small gap on the right side.  Could only imagine that if it has all these issues out of the box, imagine a week, month or year down the lne.    For the 4th replacement in a week of a 2099 dollar computer this is crazy.  I do not want to send my computer to dell every other week.  Tech support for dell is horrible.  Spent three days going back and forth with them and I felt like they had no clue what to due.  I decided to go with the surface book.  Not what I really wanted but I got a huge discount for all my troubles.  Dell you should be ashamed.  You sent models to reviewers that were probably tested dozens of times to make sure they worked perfectly.  Just so people would praise the product and get people to spend money on it.  Then when you actually sent out consumer computers you threw together a *** 0 quality controlled p.o.s.  if you own this computer and you have issues think about the long term.

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In the same boat here... 14 days until return period expires.

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Same problem here. Top end model with 256 ssd.

Any updates from Dell?

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It's been a while since we have had an update.

Is there any news on this issue?

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The dell engineers are trying to duplicate the issue on a 2005 MacBook pro because apparently they don't have access to or the money to buy a production dell xps laptop for testing.

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Anyone see the conan skit about dell.  Pretty *** dunny.

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Same problem here, among other things like Wi-Fi card causing a blue screen then not starting up again... Had to uninstall the driver completely, download it from dell's website and reinstall it to get Internet back.

Also, the audio produces heavy static noises when I change the brightness of the screen while listening to music or so.

Also, the screen flickers at low brightness levels, not heavy yet, but if I notice it it's not good.

Also, the fans are going crazy, running almost all the time at an way too audible state.

But the MOST annoying of it all, is that a €1400 computer I received within 25days, after arguing with the worst commercial employee of all time for a "student discount' that she made clear I didn't deserve, is running at the incredible speed of 1.6GHz after unplugging the cord the first time. 

i5, 1T SSHD, 8GB RAM, 960M and Full HD display.

I'm using it since this Tuesday, as a replacement for my MacBook Pro, this is ***. I don't care about fixing the issues, this is a HIGH END COMPUTER FOLKS. Now I have to find a good competitor again.

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I have the exact same issue with the I7 XPS (9550).

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I have the same problem.

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