BIOS fixed it for me

I just bought my 9550 (i7, 1Tb SSD, 16Gb RAM, 4K touchscreen) a couple weeks ago. Ran all the Windows updates but still was having quirky issues, including the fan problems mentioned here. But I forgot to go to the Dell support site and install and run the Hardware Detect to get the latest drivers and BIOS.

I installed the latest BIOS (released July 5) and the two chipset drivers that it recommended. The Dell support app had not suggested these. Now everything seems to be running better, and the fan spin-up has stopped.

So moral of the story: don't rely on the Help & Support app. Go to the Dell site in software and downloads and run the system detect.

I'm glad I didn't buy this system last fall when it came out. All the bugs must have been infuriating!

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RE: BIOS fixed it for me

Hopefully others will see this thread and be helpful to them as well. Thanks for sharing....:emotion-2: 

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