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BIOS update on Inspiron 7720, Windows 10

When I open bios installation file, nothing happens.
Nothing at all.
When my laptop was running Windows 8, it was no problem to update bios.
Current version is A15.
I've tried to install A16 version. Same problem.
Is this any solvation of it?

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Mr Jalink
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RE: BIOS update on Inspiron 7720, Windows 10


If you continu and it goes wrong your motherboard has to be replaced.

As far as I know we must first have Dell confirm this BIOS of this machine has a WinCrisis compatible Emergency Recovery Bios Flash procedure.

If you do not want to wait, and insist on doing this, reinstall Windows 8 from a official Microsoft site. Make sure your BIOS has no password. Perhaps the old Windows 8 recovery partition is still existing.

The BIOS update Executable was written for Windows 8.

My experience ( I have the same machine as you ) I am not sure if there is an Emergency Procedure. So I am not willing to update the BIOS.

My old HP Laptop had a new BIOS at the website, that old HP Laptop was for Windows VISTA. Downloaded the BIOS executable and ran it. BANG in the middle of the BIOS flash Windows VISTA hangs. And I uninstalled all antivirus and related things. The machine was defect, no boot, nothing.

But then I discovered WinCrisis Emergency Bios Recovery. Unfortunately that only works for certain manufacturer BIOS. For example Phoenix supports it. You also need a very old 1 GigaByte FAT32 USB stick which I coincidently still had but are no longer for sale here. I created a Virtual XP machine with Virtual Box. Inside that virtual machine I created a MINIDOS.SYS and BIOS USB emergency stick.

And then you have to find out the secret key combination that forces you to look for old usb drive connected and a BIOS with MINIDOS.SYS on it. In my case before power on on my old HP Laptop it was holding down 'WINDOWS KEY and B' ( the B between the letter V and N ) on other laptops it is FN + ESCAPE.

Now before Dell has confirmed that such a BIOS Recovery exists STOP WHAT YOU DO NOW !