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BIOS upgrade problems and AMD installer manager??

Hello all,

I am a dummy at all this, and would be glad for your help! Yesterday i had a pop up reminder from dell for system updates for my dell inspiron 15 5000 laptop. I agreed to installation, after updates were installed the the computer kept freezing, then it shut down, I got a message saying the system was being scanned and repaired, then I continued to have issues - unable to type anything, click on anything, then after sometime it seemed to unfreeze and I could access programs etc again. 

The installation was a BIOS upgrade, but I also noticed  ADM installer manager software was also installed during that upgrade. Is this usual? is this software ok?

Any advice very welcome, many thanks!!


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RE: BIOS upgrade problems and AMD installer manager??


Updates are normal when you have the Dell Updates set to update automatically. It could be many reasons for the system to freeze. Below is a link with information about system freezing and how to troubleshoot and resolve the issues.

Troubleshooting System Lock Ups or Freezes

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