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BSoD every time I boot up Dell Inspiration 5559

Hello, recently I have been having problems with my Dell Inspiration 5559 Windows 10 laptop, I seem to be having problems with a blue screen of death every time I boot up, displaying the message "Kernel Security Check Failure" I have looked into the event viewer and the error message is: "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly." it has the event ID of 41 and is extremely annoying as I make sure I go into the start menu every time I want to shutdown my laptop. 

Info about my problem

  • This is my laptop and is quite junked up with (probably) unnecessary programs however I have done a scan with MalwareBytes and no viruses have been found.
  • After the BSoD message goes away, my computer boots up just fine!
  • The last time I restarted my laptop (a few minutes ago) the BSoD screen was pink and sort of glitchy (I can't attach a picture as I can't find one on google images)

Info about my computer

ACPI x64 Based PC
Hard Drive:    WDC WD10JPVX-75JC3T0    1TB
Display Adaptors:    Intel(R) HD Graphics 520
DVD drive:    TSSTcorp DVD+ -RW SU-208GB
IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers:    Intel(R) 6th Generation Core Processor Family Platform I/O SATA AHCI Controller
Processors:    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100U CPU @ 2.30GHz (4 cores)

I would be delighted if anyone could shed some light on this strange problem and feel free to ask any further questions about my issue as I will be keeping a close eye on this thread!

Thanks, Matthew

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RE: BSoD every time I boot up Dell Inspiration 5559


Click the link below for information resolving the error.

Kernel Security Check Failure error in Windows 10

How to Fix Kernel Security Check Failure in Windows 10



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