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Back up power adapter - where cheapest to purchase?


I have an Insp N5110 and the system config says I have a adapter with this info:  ADAPTER..., ALTERNATING CURRENT..., 65W, LITEON..., 3P, CVD, WORLD WIDE.

I forgot it at my friend's house last night, and that necessitated a twenty-mile round trip drive in the middle of rush hour traffic to get it back.  Horrors.  I decided I want to get a backup so I can retrieve a forgotten adapter when it's convenient, rather than otherwise.

Where, other than at Dell, can I buy another one?  Affordable?  Thanks for your help.

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Well, I did some n00b searching, and I found this.  If anyone knows something better than this hardware-challenged laptop user, please let me know.  Thanks.

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Hi Bellaform,

Inspiron N5110 is shipped with 65W, 90W & 130W AC Adapter based on CPU and the graphics solution. With what you have mentioned, your computer uses 65W AC Adapter. You can purchase any AC Adapter with the same specification (AC Adapter, 65W, 3-Pin) from anywhere.

Please reply if you have any further questions.

Thanks & Regards
Kalyan S

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