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Bad memories or blame it on the Mother (board)

My Inspiron 6000 notebook started freezing / locking last few days. The screen may go totally black or stay lit, but all is frozen requiring hard reboot. Got a blue screen once with IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error.
(One advise for this last one, is to turn off in BIOS memory options for caching and shadowing, except that my BIOS offers no such options...)
It happens a few times a day during appx 10hrs of use.
I have 2GB memory - 2 DIMMS.
The big question is, if my mother board is dying or is there some replaceable part which could be tried?
I run full BIOS diagnostics.  Most pass, except:
   System Memory Data Line Test.
Run it three times. Each time got Error Code 2F00:0219    Read 7FFFFFFF Expected FFFFFFFF
same error, different locations but with the same low address digits:
1.  address 24361588  DIMM_A
restarted test, which passed by this location and failed at
2. address 64061588   DIMM_B
restarted test and let it run to the end on
3. pass , got
    address 63061588   DIMM_B
    address 74E71588  DIMM_B
Since two different DIMMs are involved and the same low part of the address, I'm afraid it's not bad memories but something else.      Does it have to be the mother board, or perhaps there could be some other part which is possible to replace???
I also got error in the disk  IDE VERIFY TEST   error 0F00:2A44
  in two Msg Blocks:   5440906 and 5440907
And one more, most likely unrelated to this:
one of the sound tests would fail with speakers plugged in, but OK without external speakers.

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Re: Bad memories or blame it on the Mother (board)

The IRQ_NOT_LESS... error and the IDE test error is a failing hard drive.  That's one issue.

On the memory test, swap the two modules -- if the error follows the memory, it's the module.  If it doesn't, it's the board.


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Re: Bad memories or blame it on the Mother (board)

Well, errors were reported in both modules,
so if they followed modules, it would still indicate MBor both modules bad.

Or so I thought...

Amazingly, despite having errors reported in both modules,
swapping them did fix the memory errors!  


Now if I could only figure how to make stupid OS to skip the bad disk sector.


(Sorry for the delayed response, but I thought I posted one before,
and just now accidently stumbled on this page again)


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