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Batteries from 100% full to 7% in 5 min

My XPS M1210 is now 2 years old. It came with a 6 and 9 cell battery. The 6 cell has displayed this behaviour late 2008 and now it also happens to the 9 cell. So the "battery" is really not a battery any more.

However, the 6 cell is used far more than the 9 cell, and the button on the battery, no matter when it's depressed, will result in no LEDs illuminating. However the 9 cell will still illuminate

In Windows and the BIOS, whenever the AC adaptor is plugged in, both 6 and 9 cell batteries will show to be 100% fully charged...

Would this be due to the battery being totally exhausted, or would there be something wrong with the laptop itself?


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Re: Batteries from 100% full to 7% in 5 min

If the batteries are still charging, they're simply at the end of their useful lives - two years is decent for a lithium ion battery (they age, and will die of that as much as from  use).


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