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Battery LED blinks on and off when the AC adapter is plugged in [ XPS 15 L502x ]

I just recently noticed that when I plug my charger into my laptop, when it charges to about 96%, the battery light blinks on and off.  It does not switch between amber and white, as it would if one of the cells in the battery had failed.  I checked the Windows Mobility Center and noticed that as the battery light blinks, the battery status alternates between, "Plugged in, Charging" and "Plugged in, Not Charging."  Is this normal, or might there be a problem with the AC adapter/motherboard?  I've tried two AC adapters so far, and both had the same problem.



EDIT: I'm currently on battery only, and the power level just jumped from 88% down to 7%.  This sounds like a battery problem to me.  Does anyone know for sure?

EDIT 2: That same day, I got a message saying that my battery has encountered permanent failure.  I ended up replacing it.  I have no idea how it reached permanent failure though.  If anyone is having this problem, get ready to buy a battery.  I found the official Dell battery on ebay for about $50.

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