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Battery Latch Stuck

Need help with a stuck battery or battery latch on LS400 laptop.

The user was attempting to replace the battery. The battery is seated and operational, however now the latch cannot be slid to the right to remove/eject the battery. It is jammed in the locked position and will move only slightly, about 1/4 inch from the locked position.

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RE: Battery Latch Stuck

I have seen this happen once, and it was a real problem. Here is a way to get to the latch from the inside.

Look for the small hole above the top right of the keyboard... just below and to the left of the microphone. Lightly push the end of a paperclip inthis hole and move it left. This should remove the platic piece at the top. Don't poke it in it's Mic!

Now you will see 4 screws evenly spaced out that hold the KB down. Unscrew these. The KB should now slide back and be able to be lifted up. Be CAREFUL as there is a flex cable attached to the system. Gently lift the connector from the KB.

Now: Remove the HDD by removing the 2 screws that hold it in. You should now be able to look through and see the sliding bar that locks in the battery. From here you are on your own. Do not use too much pressure, and see if you can see what is blocking the sliding bar from moving all the way. I cannot guarantee anything, but is a good place to start.

Good luck.

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RE: Battery Latch Stuck

I think you forgot to add the normal caveat: "This could very well invalidate your warranty also".

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Re: RE: Battery Latch Stuck

I had a Dell latitude, purchased as a refurbished unit, that had this identical problem.  The source of the problem was a 'sound device", possibly a buzzer, in the left front of the unit, just alongside the battery compartment.  I appeared the device was jammed on, got hot enough to melt the plastic a tiny bit, and "welded" the battery to part of the plastic shell there.  I had to dissassemble just about everything to see this, and then a swiss army knife broke the "weld" and all was OK.

I tried calling, Dell, but this unit was reburbished and otherwise OK, so by the time I got down to tracking down the problem, Dell didn't want to hear from me.