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Battery Life on Precision M3800

Hi, my name is Erik. I'm looking to buy an m3800. I am currently deciding between the 61 Whr and 91Whr battery. Because the 91 Whr battery takes up the space for a standard 2.5 inch HDD or SDD, only an mSATA SSD is left inside the laptop. For someone who has experience with the computer, is giving up this disk space worth the extra battery life? mSATA SSD's are expensive, and my only other option for more space would be an external HDD which are slow for editing video and such. 


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Dell-Gokul G
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RE: Battery Life on Precision M3800

Hi Erik,

If i have to recommend, i would suggest 61Whr battery for this machine as it is not worth sacrificing so much of storage space.

Just FYI, This being a workhorse, The difference in battery back up time between the two batteries may not be a very big. 

More often than not,  you may need to have the charger plugged in during the usage.


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