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Battery Problem

Hey guys,

Something is wrong with my alienware built-in battery. When i started the laptop, it said that the battery is not detected and thus it cannot be charged. I used AC power and log in to the windows. When i checked the battery status in the task bar, it says plugged in and not charging. What happened? Please help me.... 😞

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Htu Co Aung

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RE: Battery Problem

Hi Htu Co Aung,

Please check if the adapter is detected in BIOS, follow the steps below.

Shutdown the computer, tap F2 during the startup to access the BIOS page

Under the BIOS main page the AC adapter type should be 180W/240 or none or unknown. Let me know which of this status listed in BIOS page.Also try with known good adapter and check if the issue persists.

In addition please run the Dell PC diagnostics on battery using the link below.

In this link click on hardware >select battery and click on run diagnostics.

Thanks and regards,
Senthil S
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