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Battery Question

Recently when I turn my laptop on it says that the battery plugged in will not charge because its not compatible with my computer but it is the same battery I have always had that came with my computer. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks for your help.

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Re: Battery Question

When the charger will power the laptop but not recharge the battery, there is usually a problem with the circuit that trells the laptop what charger is being used. There is a third, signal, wire in the cgarger DC cord which supplies the info via a small wire that can be sen in the end of the plug. Sometimes, this wire can become bent or broken, or the connector in the DC cable can become separated from the plug. Test by using a similar charger that is known to be OK. The second situation is the DC socket on the laptop can become damaged so that the small signal wire does not contact the socket correctly, or the socket can become partially disconnected from the system board. This is the usual case if a new charger doesn't solve the problem. This is a costly repair, as the system board will need to be replaced, and will cost ~$400 if the warranty has expired. It can be repaired, but this is difficlut because of the complexity of laptop system boards.

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