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Battery Won't Charge On Del Inspiron 5558

Hello, I have read elsewhere in these forums that many people have had this problem. My laptop worked fine for about a year, but then the battery would not charge. One proposed solution was to upgrade the BIOS. I can't do that, however, as the battery has no charge, and the BIOS update requires an 11% partial charge to run. Does anyone know of a solution which would permit me to upgrade the BIOS? Note that this laptop is no longer under warranty, so I cannot simply have someone fix it without paying a hefty fee.

Thanks  in advance.


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RE: Battery Won't Charge On Del Inspiron 5558

Check setup (F2 at powerup).  See if the AC adapter is recognized -- if it's not (shows unknown), the battery will not charge.

If that's the case, first try a new OEM Dell AC adapter.  If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the DC jack in the system:


And if that doesn't get the adapter showing, replace the mainboard.

This is a hardware fault - no BIOS update will fix it. One of the three parts (AC adapter, jack or mainboard) bad.

If the adapter IS recognized but the battery won't charge, replace the battery with a new one.


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