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Battery calibration inspiron 1501

I replaced the batery in my Inspiron 1501 with a new Dell battery.  The battery charges fully as indicated by the LEDs on the battery.  The toolbar icon says that no battery is detected and that the batery is not charged.

I got BATRECAL.EXE from Dell.  It requires a formatted diskette to run.  I  inserted and fomatted the disk with no problem and the computer recognizes it.  When I try to run BATRECAL I get the message "~WZ1B3A.TMP\DE729821.EXE is not a valid Win32 application."

Anybody have any ideas?  My owner's manual is silent on the subject.

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Re: Battery calibration inspiron 1501

Lithium ion batteries do not require calibration.  The recalibration program is for older nickel batteries.


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Re: Battery calibration inspiron 1501

The only value which can be adjusted is remaining capacity - through a procedure called capacity learning.

It's a simple procedure - but Windows 7 has a function triggering a qualified discharge aka capacity learning.

Note that capacity learning is an intrusive measurement reducing the capacity of the laptop battery.


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