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Battery cannot be identified

I haven't been using my Inspiron n4010 laptop for a while. Now when i tried to turn it on, its not responding.

So I plugged and the batter indicator bulb first flashed blue once and then red 4 times. It repeats this pattern.

Now when I turned on the switch, dell logo appeared, beeped TWICE, and a screen appears, saying

" WARNING: The battery cannot be identified.

This system will be unable to charge this battery.

Press <F1> to continue..

Press <F2>  enter SETUP

Press <F12> to enter Boot Menu "

When I pressed F1 Windows logo showed and then a blue screen with numbers flashed and the system restarted.

I tried removing battery and plugged directly to power. Then the same happened again( Windows logo, blue screen, restart)

What should I do?