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Battery charging problem: Blinking light combination not documented

Hi guys,

I have an Inspiron 8200 with a fully working chargeable battery. I bought a second battery (official Dell branded) and plugged it in (on its own) whilst the laptop is off to charge but I get the following charge light sequence in a loop:


4 short green lights, 1 solid amber


I've looked over the forums and I can't see any posts of this light sequence.

-I've placed the battery whilst running the laptop on AC alone and it does not recognise the battery is plugged in. 

-I've removed the battery and pressed the diagnostic light on the battery and got none of the 5 bar indicators showing up.

-I've followed the battery troubleshooting wizard "System Does Not Charge Battery on a Dell™ Portable Computer"

and finally it gave me possible light sequences but not the one I'm seeing.


Can anyone please tell me what this light sequence means? I've put the original battery in and everything is fine with that one. 


Many thanks.

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Re: Battery charging problem: Blinking light combination not documented

The flashing lights indicate that one or more cells in the battery is faulty.


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