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Battery drainage question on XPS 13 9360

I fully charged my one month old XPS 13 9360 to 100% two days ago.  I have not used it since this morning (two days later), and i noticed the battery has dropped to 86% over the two days while the laptop was completely powered off (unplugged).  is this normal?

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XPS 13 9360 battery drainage question while powered off

i fully charged my one month old XPS 13 9360 two days ago and then powered it off and unplugged the AC adapter.  this morning when i powered it on it showed only 86% battery remaining.  so it drained 14% while it has been powered off in two days.  is this normal?  

i was on the phone call with Dell support just now and frankly it did not help me at all, he basically had me run battery test which it passed and check my bio version which is up to date, he then said this normal after put me on hold for 10 mins while checking his documented similar cases, saying while the system is off the battery is still working on supporting the hard drive (his words).  

i do have a question, i always leave my usb mouse adapter in the laptop while it's powered off, do you guys think it'd improve the drainage if i remove it whenever i power down the system?

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RE: Battery drainage question on XPS 13 9360

Please click on the link below, hopefully it will be of help:

XPS 9360/9350 battery drain with USB device in right side... 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

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