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Battery light flashing.

I have a N5010 Inspiron.

My battery has been down to a few minutes for a yr or two.

I keep my laptop plugged in always unless traveling.

Today, my battery light started flashing. Amber for times then white then repeats. 

Since I was plugged in I was perplexed. I looked on my screen and it showed 100 percent battery meaning I am plugged in.

Then I turned my computer completely off. THE LIGHT KEPT FLASHING. Now it is getting spooky.

I unplug the power supply from the back of the computer and the light went off.

Hours later I plugged everything back in. Started the computer and the light started again. Since it is no warning for anything other than the battery, 

I tried unplugging while computer was on. Still flashing.

I turned off. Took battery out and put back in. Still Flashing. 

While off AND battery out I plugged in and no flashing

Put batter back in....plugged in and flashing resumed. 

So for now I am trying to ignore it.

I am concerned though.

Any idea why this is happening and if I could have a short or a sizzle or fire in the future? I do not want to risk paying for a new battery or a power cord. Could the power cord be the issue?

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RE: Battery light flashing.

Your battery has died. Mine does the same.

If this bothers you a lot, replace the battery.

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RE: Battery light flashing.

It has been shot for a couple of years but still holds a half hour of time.

I am plugged in always.

Nothing has changed and that is why I inquired here. My light is supposed to be solid amber when battery is depleted and in use. No other configuration for that amber light. Flashing is not part of it's function. 

Thanks anyway.

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RE: Battery light flashing.

The flashing indicates that one or more of the cells in the battery has failed -- which is why you're seeing a major capacity reduction.  It's time for a new battery.

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