Battery not charging but showing plugged in, charging


I have bought a new original  battery from Dell for my dell laptop just two days ago as the old battery was not giving any backup and was not charging and was showing message replace battery. 

But after I replaced the new battery it is not charging while it is showing plugged in , charging. 

Should I try to flush residual power first before trying bios update

Can I update Bios if battery charge showing just 7% but can provide uninterrupted  power supply



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RE: Battery not charging but showing plugged in, charging

If the AC adapter is showing "unknown" in BIOS/UEFI setup (f2 at powerup), the battery will not charge.

If this is the case, first is to try a new Dell adapter - if that doesn't solve the problem, you're looking at a DC jack issue or a mainboard fault, depending on the model system you have.  A BIOS update will not solve the problem  - it is a hardware issue.

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