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Battery problem for Dell XPS laptop

Hi all !

I've a XPS 15z L511z and yesterday I received an error message from the system, listen to everything please.

Dell Quickset says that I've to order online a new battery and the usually white LED turns red and flashes without stopping, even when the laptop  is in sleep mode or completely off. I tried to remove the AC adapter in this condition and the laptop turns off.

It is possible that the battery is died so suddenly? Why in the system tray I can see the battery completely charged 100% but the charge disabled? Why testing the battery with My Dell software says that it's all ok and the battery is at 98% of the initial condition?

Now every time I start the system at the boot the pc emits 2 beeps and shows the message: press F2 for the diagnostic. Pressing F2 leads me to the screen of the BIOS settings, where under the Advanced tab I found the message: battery with permanent failure. This problem is indicated also through the ePSA diagnostic with the error code 2000-0132.

I've spoken through phone with a technician and him says that the problem can also be the motherboard.

What can I do? Buy a new battery? A compatible battery or original? And if the problem is the motherboard? Continue to use the laptop in this conditions? HELP!

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