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Beeping on My Laptop inspiron 1564

Hi !

            Im Mark here in philippines, i have 2 units of dell inspiron but i forgot the exact model unit maybe 1564 or 1654. my problem is that both of unit are broken. im happy that i use my units  for about  5 years. both of unit are broken, the one unit was running but its not open the screen. and the other one is when i turn it on there`s something beeping 5-10 continuous beeping 2 times in everytime i open it. but the unit were not open. i love my laptop a lot. that why i want to ask a help what can i do to my units. i cant retrive my files on my unit..

please help me...  

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RE: Beeping on My Laptop inspiron 1564

Hi Mark,

Can you determine the exact model numbers for the laptops. Which laptop has the beeps, and what is the name of the BIOS (Award, AMI, etc)

See <a href="">Computer POST and beep codes</a>  for an explanation of the beep codes. There is actually one there for a Dell.

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