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Bios Issue from Ubuntu Install On Dell Inspiron 14-3452

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I'm fairly green with Linux but have successfully put on different linux distros on my machines years ago. My friend got a virus on Windows 10 and I offered to install Ubuntu on his machine. He agreed.

I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit for his machine as it only has 2 GB ram. I put it on a USB and accidentally selected Legacy Mode USB from the BIOS to do the install. I deleted all other partitions and installed, I thought it was a success.

Turns out when I turn on the computer it doesn't boot. Dell SupportAssist automatically runs and says "eMMC failed test run"

I realize now I needed to install via the UEFI USB boot mode so that it preserved that partition but now it is too late. Somehow I've deleted something in the BIOS UEFI boot menu where I cannot choose to boot via UEFI USB now.

If you know how to restore the UEFI boot option USB that would be the most helpful as I am pretty certain re-installing ubuntu after that would be easy?

I guess the other option is to make my own grub UEFI partition but I have no clue how to do that?

Please help, it's my friends machine and I feel awful I've rendered his machine useless for the time being .

Thanks, Duff

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