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Bios Update shut down my PC

I received an urgent notification to complete a Bios Update on my Inspirion 3650 PC which I attempted, after which I could not boot up my computer or anything. Spent 2 days trying everything I knew, as computer was running fine never had a problem before this... then decided to use old laptop to get in touch with Dell Support to see what I could do.  WOW is all I can say. I have been a loyal Dell customer for over 15 years, with never a problem I may add. BUT have never had to contact Dell support either. This was just a joke, shoddy and impersonal support, is the best I can say I received. All I did was ask for some help on how I could get my computer to boot up or at the least if I did, could they send me link or info on how to complete the Bios Update that was sent to me...I got nothing to this at all, what I did was get several emails saying my computer was out of warranty and they would be happy to sell me either a 1 or a 4 year warranty....I told them my computer was out of warranty I new it, it was out of warranty 1 week prior to receiving the update notice.  Now I wonder how quaint that is especially after reading all the other complaints to Dell support here. They also keep telling me that I am not responding to their attempts to help me and are going to shut down the request...I have responded to each and every email they sent, plus sent more as I kept hoping they would answer at the least one of my questions, and each time they are impersonal, and do not answer any of my questions at all....its an absolute joke. I will never support Dell again, this experience changed my view on Dell completely. 

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RE: Bios Update shut down my PC

Hi dweebie,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your system is not working as expected.

Have you tried rolling back the driver to the previous version?  


 Other versions

3.5.2,3.5.2 22 Dec 20172:23:24 PM
3.0.2,A04 18 Feb 20163:01:33 AM
2.2.7,A03 19 Jan 20165:15:13 AM
A02,A02 31 Dec 20159:40:41 AM
2.0.1,A01 15 Oct 20152:20:46 AM
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RE: Bios Update shut down my PC

Thx for responding  but can u tell me how to get my computer on to do that?

It will only show the Dell logo thats it..any help would be appreciated, it was running fine before and now it only goes to the Dell logo and sits there.  I would be happy to try what you said, just don't know how until I get it on. Unless you can tell me that? again thanks this is more than I received since Dec 23rd.