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Black Screen Until Boot

I have a Dell Latitude 3150 laptop with an odd problem. Whenever I go to power it on, the screen will stay black, almost off, until an operating system loads. Once it loads, the computer works as normal, but the dell splash screen, BIOS, boot options, diagnostic pre-boot screen, grubs boot loader, nothing loads. The only that wields before booting is the BIST for the LCD display (power and D key) it will test the different colors. Shut off, and turn back on, still to a blank screen.

I have the "grubs" loader installed, as I have both Windows 10 and Ubuntu installed on the laptop. When powered on, the power light and hdd come on, when it would be sitting on the grubs screen, the wireless light comes on. If I let it sit it loads Ubuntu, down key twice and it loads Windows, wireless light goes off then comes back, with the hdd flashing as you'd expect when booting.

In the beginning in was hit or miss, where it seemed cold booting would display the bios and splash screen and such, it used to always work after running the BIST display test, but recently it never displays. When using an HDMI cord and external display, everything shows. But I often don't have access to those, so is there anything I can do to fix these issues, as it would be nice not have to hold my fingers and hope it boots to yhe right OS every time I boot.

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