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Black background, no 32bit icons on desktop except if only 16bit, Windows 7 Home Premium


I was removing a bad malware/virus, and took forever to finally get rid of it. Everything was fine. I kept turning on the laptop, checking the computer and was happy not to see the viruses return. I can't remember what I did last but rebooted the computer. When it came on and I logged in, the background was gone.

The background was black, no matter what theme or wallpaper I chose. The desktop icons were gone. The lettering for the icons were still there, with a blank or black box where the icon should be. That's in 32 bit colors. But if I enter the intel video driver app, and changed the colors to 32 bit to 16 bits, the icons on the desktop show up again. But still no wallpaper.

Things I noticed:

1, I shouldn't say no theme, I should say no wallpaper. If I change the theme, the taskbar colors and lettering change and the browser boarder is transparent if I pick the correct theme.

2. When I open the option in control panel to personalize the theme/wallpaper/etc, I don't see most thumbnail representations of the theme or wallpaper I can choose, they show up as black boxes.

3. If I set windows explorer to show thumbnails, it only shows white boxes. If I open the picture, the picture looks fine.

4. When I tried to use Microsoft fixit, it tells me that the theme I've chosen is not compatible with Aero even if I pick a theme in the Aero category.

I have reinstalled the video drivers. I've used the Dell provided drivers from the support page. The drivers come with the settings manager app where I can pick specific settings. I've also used the Windows Update drivers. It says they are the latest drivers but they don't come with the driver manager app software, just driver.

I've used malwarebytes, JRT, Comfix, adwcleaner, tdskiller, Hitmanpro, IExplorer64bit, to remove the viruses/malware. I used cmd to stop and start the Desktop/Background manager service. I think I used everything I could find to bring back the background. I'm running out of options.


Update, I changed the icons from medium size to large size and they showed. But when I refresh the desktop, the icons disappear.

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